Collection not updating sccm

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The membership does not automatically change unless a resource is removed from Configuration Manager.It is highly advised to designate an OU for the PVS auto update client and limit SCCM access to this OU only.

In the SCCM console go to /Administration/Site Configuration/Sites/Configure Site Components/Software Update Point.

I'm pretty sure that I know the answer to this but I just want to be sure. Lately I've been receiving complaints from my boss that when deploying updates I am saturating our internet line.

I've configured all the distribution points to not distribute updates during the day via Scheduling and Rate Limits in each distribution point so I can only assume that when I am creating the deployment package for an update that it is then that it is actually downloading the files from Microsoft. What I need to be able to do is to either proactively or reactively download all updates in off hours ...

The first upgrade for SCCM Current Branch (1511) is now available.

This post is a complete step-by-step SCCM 1602 upgrade guide.

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