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L'année suivante c'est aux côtés d'Ellen Page, James Franco, Catherine Keener et Evan Peters qu'on le retrouve dans An American Crime de Tommy O'Haver.En 2008, il joue une seconde fois sous la direction de et aux côtés (cette fois-ci) de son père dans Gran Torino.I almost feel bad making fun of him, because his band only had three hits, and he looks like a weasel.The Maroon 5 frontman has been romantically involved with not one but two Victoria's Secret models (aka two more than most of us will ever dream to achieve.) After dating Anne Vyalitsyna for two years, Adam later linked up with Behati Prinsloo, to whom he became engaged in July 2013.Puis une troisième fois en 2010 aux côtés de Matt Damon (entre autres) dans Invictus.The sudden death of Chris Cornell rocked his fellow musicians to the core.It's included here in its Headbanger's Ball acoustic version, so ready your Bics. Brett Scallions, Fuel Now that we've dealt with the only decent music on this list, the kid gloves can come off.Fuel's frontman, whose name alone conjures rage (seriously: "Brett Scallions"), has made an entire career out of stealing Vedder's baritone histrionics, stripping them of subtlety, and repeating them, ad nauseum.

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Ch-ch-check out all the videos (below) to see the moving tributes. Check out their responses below: Filed under: Kristin Chenoweth • Drake Bell • Jesse Mc Cartney • Adele • Taylor Momsen • Taylor Hanson • Justin Bieber • Cher Lloyd • Live & Exclusive!They managed to weather the storm of grunge by diversifying their sound.They kept up their biblically epic live shows and fought against Ticketmaster. But while Kurt Cobain's untimely death seemed to keep most people from openly aping his vocal stylings, poor Eddie Vedder wasn't quite so lucky.Vous pouvez partager vos connaissances en l’améliorant (comment ? Consultez la liste des tâches à accomplir en page de discussion.Scott Eastwood est le fils de l'acteur et réalisateur Clint Eastwood et de Jacelyn Reeves, une hôtesse de l'air avec laquelle son père a eu une relation durant plusieurs années.

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