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— After years of fan speculation, Tom Morello, guitarist and founding member of iconic rap/rock band Rage Against the Machine, confirmed once and for all that the titular machine in the band’s name was, in fact, a fax machine.

He said covering the track was “appropriate sharing of both grief at Chris’s passing with these audiences and also a tribute and a memorial to one of the greatest rockers of all time”.

They're named after two of Morello's heroes: Ozzy Osbourne's late guitarist, Randy Rhoads, and former L. Rams quarterback Roman Gabriel, both of whose posters adorned his wall as a kid.He told the Press Association: “Chris had a great voice, he was super handsome, he was a very, very sweet guy, but his brilliance lay in the shadow prince part.“He’s been writing about how dark it is inside for him.And that’s one of the reasons he connected with millions of people, he was a voice for people that feel like there’s something just not right within themselves.”Tom added: “Yet he rode that, he rode the part that was tearing apart his whole life to make some of the greatest rock and roll music of all time.“And we were blessed to have 52 years of him.”Tom is currently performing with political rap rock supergroup Prophets Of Rage, who have been doing a version of Audioslave’s Like A Stone on their current tour in memory of Chris.Perhaps most surprising, Morello claimed the band’s 1996 hit, “Bulls on Parade,” is actually based on the consecutive NBA championships won by Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.“Every time they’d win, they’d have another parade, and one day at practice we were watching the news, and Zack was like, ‘Dude, look at those Bulls on parade,’ Morello said.

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