Understanding seducing dating men

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“Do You Know What the Collection of Unspoken yet Universal Feelings, Desires & Fears is Inside of Every Man? The less knowledge you have in men, the more confusion, more frustration and PAIN you will have with men.If You Don’t, How Would You Ever Become THE Woman to Get Through to Him? I don’t say this because I want you to feel pain in your life and relationships, I say it because it’s the truth, and I don’t want to keep you from the truth.Now it may sound like I’m defending men here, but I’m not.These women simply failed to understand what will trigger a man to care, to love, to be faithful, to be loyal and to feel attraction towards them. Having the skill of talking a woman’s panties of is just in our nature.The problem is most men actually have no clue about the art of seduction and most times men use stupid techniques like; Admit some men actually strike lucky and go home with a girl.Another thing could be some men have tried to seduce a woman and failed so they gave up on trying again.

He may look like Brad Pitt or he may just be a guy born with beauty; or he has used the time to learn the art of seduction.

At best, try to design your questioning in a logical manner.

Avoid jumping in from one subject matter to another.

Do you want to be that guy, or do you want to be the guy who never learns how to seduce someone?

If you want to be the guy who doesn’t stay at fantasizing about seducing hot women, and have them to look at you in the particular way, then you should start reading these basic how to seduce woman techniques and proceed to learn each step even further. The reason for this is men feel comfortable doing it this way.

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